About Us

The Malmesbury Acoustic Sessions was conceived around a campfire in the late spring of 2011. Amongst the group of friends were a variety of musicians adding to the flavour of an enjoyable night, breaking into song with guitars strummed, singers sung and the rest hummed along or just listened and smiled. Someone had a harmonica and someone else had an accordion. The stars twinkled and our eyes glistened. We laughed, we drank, we sang and dog days of summer were all ahead of us. We thought how great it would be to have another night like this in Malmesbury – great musicians, great friends, a lovely setting and a perfect night.

When we sobered up we started to think about the idea seriously. Where would be a good place to have a great acoustic night in Malmesbury?  No microphones, no leads just musicians playing. After a good look around we went into the Skittle Alley behind The Three Cups. – you wouldn’t even know it was there.

Instantly we said “yes, this is the one.”  The right space, the right size and the right feel.  The Three Cups also said “yes” and so we started thinking about how we are going to do this.  First we should give ourselves time. Let’s go and see a load of gigs and festivals in the summer to see if we can find some fantastic musicians who’d be up for playing our first night on October 1st 2011.

All was going swimmingly.  The night started to gain a reputation for some quite incredible night of music.  But, just under a year later, The Three Cups Inn ran into financial difficulty and was forced to close.  Aaargh!  Hence the move to The Kings Arms in the high street where we thrived for 18 months.

Then changes to management and a new direction for the The Kings Arms in 2014 meant our biggest move to date – to the larger St Mary’s Hall on The Triangle.  Malmesbury Acoustic Sessions has, in 3 years, gone from a try out gig in a skittle alley with minimal sound system and house lights to a major monthly event, with proper sound and lighting production, our own bar and food outlets, regular season ticket holders and the nights often sell out.

Having seen and met plenty great talented acts that have agreed to come along and play for us, we are wishing for many more magical nights of strong tunes, softly delivered and we truly hope the evenings we put on give you the warm campfire glow we had in the late spring of 2011.

Hope to see you there.

Neil xx



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