Ells Ponting

Ellie’s musical style is a blend of acoustic guitar, piano and vocal harmonies. She has been described as “a dark horse with the voice of an angel”, and sings simple melodies that are both soothing and catchy at the same time. Lyrically, she touches on all manner of subjects from religion to the joy of taking a day off and disappearing for a day!
Below are 3 clips of her opening set at Malmesbury Acoustic Sessions on 5th November 2011.
(This is the first ever piano to be heard at Malmesbury Acoustic – thanks for a lovely performance, Ells.)


Ells Ponting

Ells Ponting

Ells is also a local girl and is co founder with partner Jon of the 4014 Project that organises a ton of Open Mic nights and music events locally along with a weekly radio show on Stroud FM with the aim of encouraging other local musicians to play, perform and create.
The 4014 Project champions local talent as do we at the Malmesbury Acoustic Rooms so we’re especially delighted to have Ells on Saturday 5th November so we can hear her songs inspired by life, love and longing.

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