Frankie Le-Bon

I can’t quite believe that we’ve been going for nearly 2 years and not heard about Frankie Le-Bon.  (I’ll get the radar looked at.)  But random conversations and YouTube really help and occasionally, Henry Green shares his local secrets and informally drops into conversation that he’s done some work with Frankie in the past.  Better take a look …

Right.  So that was 2 years ago.  What she doing doing now?  Well, it seems she’s taking her guitar and a video camera into the bathroom.

Oh, and she’s making music videos …

I’m really hope we are encouraging her to get out more.  There is probably a bit of selfish motivation there but I simply can’t allow talent like that to be contained to the bathroom.

Frankie is opening the first night of our new Autumn season so, get there early on September 7th – you’ll be glad you did.  😉

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