The Yirdbards

Having been singing from the heart since the ‘60s, the voice of Paul Darby has matured like fine wine. Already front-man for the ever popular Dubious Brothers, with The Yirdbards this is Darby at his most soulful.

The songs, many of which have been written by close friends, have a strong spiritual power, often drawing on man’s potent relationship with nature, landscape and society.

Having crossed paths with Pat Randall (guitar, backing vocals) and Verity Sharp (cello, fiddle) in rural Wiltshire, the music of Paul Darby and Yirdbards is now set to deliver a deep sigh of satisfaction.

What the punters say: ‘utterly lovely’ ; ‘…shades of Incredible String Band co-mingled with Billy Bragg via Attila the Stockbroker…’

Meaning: Yird Earth, Bard A poet.


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