Malmesbury Acoustic Christmas single

We are delighted to announce that the Malmesbury Acoustic Sessions Christmas single is AVAILABLE NOW as a FREE DOWNLOAD.  It’s an brand new acoustic version of ‘2000 Miles’ by Pretenders.

Press play to listen to it and you can download it for free here from Soundcloud:

AND watch the promo vid at the bottom of this page.

The track features 3 of us from Malmesbury – Ami Kaelyn on lead vocal and strummy 12-string guitar, me (Neil Muttock) on picky 6-string guitar, stomp and tambourine and Fiona Craig (off of of Malmesbury Community Choir and big supporter of Malmesbury Acoustic Sessions) on backing vocals.

We have arranged, recorded and produced the single ourselves as a ‘thank-you’ to everyone who has supported Malmesbury Acoustic since is started just over 2 years ago and to spread some Christmassy cheer round the West Country.

Ami Kaelyn is due to release a solo EP early next year (which we are also producing for her) and she will be gigging that all next year to promote it.  She also plays cello in my band – The Home Fires – and will also be on tour us playing with us and supporting us, earlier 2014.  So, we should be seeing a lot more of her next year.

Personally, I’m very proud of this version as it’s involved a couple of local and very talented people who individually give a lot to the local music scene here but in very different ways. It’s been a delight to bring them together to share some nice sounds over Christmas.

Also, take a look at the promo vid below featuring some of our favourite pics from past Malmesbury Acoustic Sessions.

Happy Christmas everyone. 🙂 Xx.

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